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Updated: April 9th, 2018 | Kelowna | Doctor List B | HealthWise Family practice | Family Doctor,

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Gender: Male
Specialty: Family Doctor
Address: 3-1499 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9R2
Phone: 778-484-5560
Website: www.KelownaSkinCancer.com
Clinic: HealthWise Family practice and Kelowna Skin Cancer Screening Clinic
Description: Dr. Ben Wiese is a dedicated family physician with a special interest and training in skin cancer, based in Kelowna.

Growing up, Dr. Ben Wiese always took interest in the human body. Trying to conceptualize how the amazing “machine” worked, was beyond fascinating for him. That interest, coupled with the opportunity a doctor has to change someone’s life was what ultimately lead Dr Wiese to a career as a healthcare professional. Dr Wiese attributes his passion to his childhood and the people that played a pivotal role in his life. Through medicine, Dr Ben Wiese feels as though he is able to pay it forward in some way.

Dr. Wiese studied in South Africa at the University of Pretoria from 2000-2006, where he received his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Following school, Dr. Wiese found himself in Kimberley where he completed his residency and community service years. During his time in Kimberley, Dr Ben Wiese often found himself working in both oncology and plastic surgery. It was during this time that he took a true interest in skin cancer. He found there to be a lot of misperceptions about the skin and took it upon himself to set some of those misperceptions right.

In 2010, Dr, Ben Wiese and his wife, Dr. Lize Wiese decided to move from South Africa and open up a family practice in Kelowna. In 2014, Dr. Ben Wiese began taking dermoscopy and primary care skin cancer courses at the Universities of Cardiff and Queensland. Upon completion, and due to the high demand, he decided to open up his services and began screening and treating patients for skin cancer.

As a physician with special interest in skin cancer, Dr. Ben Wiese is a firm believer that “prevention is better than cure”. Having worked as a family physician for over a decade, Dr. Wiese’s approach is more proactive than reactive. Rather than look a the sporadic skin lesion, he takes the time to look over the body’s fastest growing organ, your skin. His aim is to become a true expert in the field of skin cancer and dermoscopy. Ultimately, Dr. Wiese hopes to contribute to skin cancer awareness through research, teaching and being a strong advocate for prevention.

Apart from his work at Healthwise, Dr. Ben Wiese works in numerous capacities in the surrounding areas. From time to time both Dr. Ben Wiese and Lize Wiese do some surgical assisting at Kelowna General Hospital. They’ve also been fortunate enough to do some teachings through the UBC Medical student program. An advocate for not only his patients health but physician’s health as well. Dr. Ben Wiese has been a guest speaker for Telus – MedAccess on several occasions, as well as some private organizations.

Aside from their careers, both Dr. Ben and Lize Wiese love being outdoors, hiking, biking, water skiing and snow skiing. Together they enjoying traveling and simply spending times with good friends. Dr. Ben and Lize Wiese are expecting twin boys this April and are excited to start a whole new chapter of excitement together!

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